10 most ridiculous infomercials ever

People advertise the most ridiculous things! Does anyone actually buy this stuff? Here are ten of the most ridiculous infomercials ever produced and seen on TV. OK where’s my credit card…

Kush Support – (a.k.a. The Boob Cushion)

This product is made of plastic and is placed between the breasts when sleeping on your side. Apparently, you’ll sleep better and help eliminate those nasty wrinkles between your boobs. Are you kidding me?!!! It almost looks like a really big vibrator. If you need support between your knockers while you sleep, just put a sock in there and you’ve just saved yourself 20 bucks.

The Booty Pop

Women are renowned for asking: “Do these pants make my butt look big?”.  Apparently, the correct answer to this question should be a resounding YES if we are to believe that people actually invented a product to get you that “quick booty” (no, not a booty call).  The Booty Pop is being compared to the push-up bra, but only this one’s for your ass.  What will they think of next?

The Slim Suit

Are you ready to loose weight while doing absolutely NOTHING? Well, this one’s for you! I guess someone got the idea to roll around in tin foil… and thus, the Slim Suit was invented. How idiotic is this thing? And the 80’s commercial doesn’t help it one bit.

The Tiddy Bear

This little bear will become your breast friend. Funny, but I’ve never had that much trouble with my seat belt before. Okay, so I actually understand the practicality of this one, but come on… did you see how stupid the guy looks with a tiddy bear on his chest? And just imagine stopping at a red light, looking over into the car next to yours, and seeing a freakin’ bear on a woman’s chest! You won’t be able to drive, you’ll be laughing so hard. Now, imagine putting one of those spy cameras in the bear… now, that’s a product!

Nails in Motion Tip Tops

Oh NO! I went to the get a manicure, and now I just ruined it!!! Really? If you leave the salon too soon, well it’s your own damn fault. These things look like they could poke someone’s eye out. And, if you look carefully, they don’t really cover the nails at all. You’re still using your fingers in a way that your nails can get caught in anything. Plus, you’d just look really stupid wearing these. Oh… and I love how they made the women look like really dumb blonds!

Tattoo sleeve

Well, this product is okay if you’re going to be using it on Halloween, and that’s the only time it’s okay. I first saw this used on “The Big Bang Theory” television show, but hadn’t realized that it was an actual product being sold to the population. Just look at how much lighter one arm is compared to the other when you put one of these sleeves on. And seriously, if you are too chicken to get a real tattoo, then you shouldn’t pretend to have a whole armful. It just isn’t cool!

Mo’ Tato

This one is just MO’ RONIC. Seriously? You guys think the potato is the vegetable kids don’t want to eat? This device will make eating potatoes way more fun! If you say so… You really need to see the Mo’ Tato commercial. I personally don’t know anyone who shoves mashed potato half off the plate like they do, but if it helps them sell more of this gadget, then by all means, let’s shove potatoes on the floor while we’re at it.


OMG! WTF… I am speechless. lol

The Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Now, you really need to be one “lazy ass” to need this contraption. When you think about it, all the energy spent into filling the cone does warrant a break… what better way to relax then to NOT have to move your tongue to lick the damn ice cream. This is just absurd.

The Flowbee

I think I just peed in my pants. This is probably the most ridiculous thing ever created. The brainstorming session probably went like this: “Hmm, I wonder how I could get my hair cut really fast… oh, I know, I’ll just stick a blade in a vacuum and see what happens.” Ah, but the look on those people’s faces when they’re getting their hair hoovered.

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